Proper natural rubbers thread storage

The storage temperature of natural rubber threads influences both the effectiveness and usability of the product both talcum and silicone. To maintain optimal integrity prior to use, it is imperative to store rubber thread appropriately to prevent degradation and maintain product’s reliability.

::World Flex::Rubber Thread

::World Flex::Rubber Thread

Extreme temperatures adversely affect rubber thread. It is recommended that rubber threads be stored in a cool, dry environment with a temperature ranging between 50° and 72° F (10° and 22° C) to obtain peak performance.

To prevent rubber thread from degradation is to shield natural rubber latex rubber threads from ozone and ultraviolet (UV) light. Natural rubber latex rubber threads are susceptible to degradation by UV light. Ozone is a colorless, odorless, invisible gas and oxidizing agent that attacks latex chemical bonds. Ozone can rapidly deteriorate latex products.

Heat accelerates ozone damage and latex degradation. The oxidation rate of latex film doubles for each 8.3°C rise in temperature. Therefore, the oxidative rate of latex goods stored against the ceiling is greater than that of similar goods stored at floor level.

Since age is vital to the integrity of rubber threads, store them so that they are rotated often, using the oldest rubber threads first. Keep rubber threads in their original packaging until needed made from natural latex, it is difficult to product without variation in colors and quality in all production. Do not mix rubber thread of different production period when use to avoid inconsistency of finish goods.

::World Flex::Rubber Thread

Summary and guidelines for storing natural rubber latex rubber threads

1. Store rubber threads in a cool, dry environment with a temperature ranging between 50° and 72° F (10°-22° C).

2. Avoid storing rubber threads near chemicals, heat, humidity, ultraviolet light, high-energy radiation, ozone, and stress.

3. Rotate latex rubber thread stock using “first in, first out” practices.

4. Do not mix product of different batch when use.

::World Flex::Rubber Thread